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What I Am Loving: Upcycled Art

I love seeing what people do with found objects and how they give new life to things that could otherwise be thrown away. This is a round-up of of art that I found ultra-cool and would be a great addition to your home!

1. Recycled Wood Wall Art- This artist takes wood and junk like paint brushes, bottle cap, screws, corks and springs and turns them into funny faces with quirky sayings. I love the playfulness of these pieces.

2. I love the sweetness of these pieces and the incorporation of nature. They are perfect for a nursery or on a shelf in a powder room.

3. If you can't keep plants alive- this is a solution!!

4. This artist, Leo Sewell, grew up by a dump and has been creating treasures out of trash for over 50 years! I love the ingenuity and creativity. His pieces range from large scale installations to small, wall-mountable art.

5. Pressed Flower Art- it just doesn't get prettier than beautifully composed flowers.

6. Blue Jeans and Crushed Beer cans are turned into gorgeous installations by Ann Carrington.

Hopefully this inspires you to look a little deeper at the options available to you for art. It doesn't have to be expensive to be one-of-kind, creative and upcycled!


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