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How to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like an Escape

It’s no secret we all love staying in a really nice hotel room. But what is it about a hotel room that makes it so satisfying? The high-end design, the funky wallpaper, the cool details, the huge bathroom... well yeah, all those things are great- but the reality is, your stuff isn’t everywhere, it’s serene and it’s not your house!

So how to replicate a “not your house” feeling in your bedroom: clean, simple and uncomplicated.

1. Eliminate the extra stuff. Clear off your dresser and nightstand tops; put away the clean clothes; hide the dirty clothes; use your top drawers for accessories and necessities and organize your closet so there is a place for all the stuff that is so easily left out (shoes, overnight bags, hats, your random house sweatshirt).

2. Have 2 different types of lighting- overhead and ambient. Table lamps and reading lights will add a second layer of light to soften the environment and aren't as severe when you are getting ready for bed and settling in for the night.

3. Quiet the noise. No electronics on the bedside table- keep them in the kitchen, living room or office- let your bedroom be zen and blue-light free. This wouldn't apply to music- that is just adding to the ambience and guided meditation can be really beneficial for falling asleep.

4. Upgrade your bedding. Linen sheets are lightweight, season proof and get softer with each wash. I was a skeptic, but they truly soften, wick moisture and elevate the sleep comfort experience. There are sheets made of eucalyptus too which feel really lush. My comforter is made of it AND bonus: it's cruelty-free.

5. Diffuse scents. Bring in some aromatherapy and let the essential oils set the mood you are looking for. You can use a plug-in a diffuser or go with an energy-free reed diffuser. I am excited to try out some of these.

6. Make your bed. Housekeeping is a perk, but no one will make it if you don’t and how nice is it to come home to a perfectly made bed? So nice.

The beauty of your home vs. a hotel room is you do have your things around you- family photos, special keepsakes, maybe a pet or kid running around and definitely all the things you have forgotten on past trips! That's what makes a house a home- but you can still celebrate your space and keep it sacred. So make your damn bed!*

*Disclaimer: This is totally a“do what I say, not what I do" sentiment, because if my husband reads this he will spit whatever beverage he is drinking out of his mouth. I fully admit that I always have clothes everywhere and make my bed about 2.5x a week- but YOU can be better than me. Enjoy your quiet, serene, minimal space. Oh, and lavender eye pillows are really nice too. My acupuncturist uses them, and I don’t know what’s more healing- getting my meridians poked or that perfectly weighted, soft scented pillow.

Sleep well.


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