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Opt Out

I love that phrase. It can mean so much. Saying no. Declining an invite. Just choosing to do something different. In this case it means stopping unnecessary waste. In a time where literally all information can be accessed at our fingertips online, it baffles me that mass mail media still happens. Every week, I am inundated with catalogs for furniture, clothing, rugs, lighting and more. Some of these companies I have purchased from, some of them I have browsed online and some I have no idea....either way, they have found me and just keep the relentless stream of junk flowing. Well, not anymore. I found a great website that allows you to "opt out." In some cases it just has you fill out your info and it will contact the company on your behalf- and in others it directs you to the exact "un-subscribe" page on the designated website that you need. Either way, it's a feeling of freedom. One less catalog in the recycle bin with every click!


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