I am an NCIDQ certified Interior Designer with 15 years of experience, and bring varied expertise to the field. I have had my hand in every part of the design process from schematic design to construction administration and have worked in healthcare, education, government, hospitality and residential.  I believe the most crucial part of the design/build process is open communication as well as a collaborative approach with my clients, vendors and trades. This allows for continuity and sets the project up for success. 

I approach interior design holistically, understanding the "why," and seeing the interconnectedness of different needs and wants. My overall design philosophy is about creating a dynamic space that is functional, thoughtful, and fun.  Layering texture, colors, materials, and merging old with new creates rich and vibrant spaces, but it is the efficiency and practicality that makes the design function. Whether it's a master bedroom, waiting room, or coffee shop,  the space should provide comfort, but also exude character. A little bit of eccentricity is always a good thing.

SweetSpace incorporates the values of thoughtful design, functional use, and sustainability in every decision we make. It is our obligation to deliver the best design with as little environmental impact as possible. We source from a variety of companies that have aligned themselves with the same values. Many of these companies are based in the US or are making a positive impact elsewhere: education for women, foster children and clean water initiatives. We also love specifying vintage— giving second and third lives to items as well as reusing your existing items. In cases that something cannot be reused, we partner with local companies to take unwanted materials and pass them along for further use.



Elisa Baber, Owner