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Giving Back

A displaced child is heartbreaking:  vulnerable, scared, suffering from trauma. At SweetSpace, we want to celebrate these children. Our focus moving forward will be bedrooms of foster children. We want to provide them with a personalized space- maybe for the first time ever- and give them something to have ownership and pride in. We will be creating "bedroom packages" for children in foster care. This will include: bedding, a new pillow, a personal item, wall decor, and lighting. They are all things that the children/teens can bring with them, as they transition either back to their home or to a new one. We want to give them a SweetSpace of their own- wherever they are.

Current Project: Boy's Group Home - Rockville, MD

Our current project is group home for teenage boys in Rockville, MD. The house is a modest 4 bedroom in a busy neighborhood with the ability to accommodate 8 boys. They are between the ages of 13-17 and the current 6 residents shared with us a few of their interests: lots of sports, Marvel, music and the desire for a bean bag. Our goal was to give their bedrooms a refresh and a touch of their own personality.   We were able to not only fulfill their minor requests, but also provide each boy with bedding, towels, under bed storage, a nightstand, lighting options, a bean bag and lots of personalization. On top of that, due to the generosity of our donors, we were also able to gift them 2 Nintendo Switches, games, controllers, books, board games and pillows/blankets/decor for their common room. We did our big drop-off 12/27, the boys helped unload the U-Haul and were in awe. We plan to go back in January to help set up their rooms after they have been painted.


A big shoutout to Lindsay Boudreaux of Shotgun Double and Angela Roy of Angela Newton Roy Photography for partnering with SweetSpace on this endeavor! 

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Existing Room

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All the wonderful supporters - friends, family and clients

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Storage Room Basement Turns Chill Hangout