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Storage Room Basement Turns Chill Hangout


Our selected family has been fostering children since 1992 and have adopted 4 children from foster care! They still continue to foster children from the community and currently have 7 kids at home. A busy house full of LOVE. We wanted to celebrate them by giving their basement a much needed make over. Their kids like to play video games, listen to music, hang out and needed a place to study. We updated the space by painting the concrete floors a beautiful blue, played up the contrast with a black and white carpet and bringing light into the space with a cool gray paint, keeping their cool chalkboard wall and updating the lighting. We wanted to give them a comfy space to hang, a place to study, a designated storage space and lots of options for wall display. We kept their existing dresser full of Lego and added rolling coffee tables,  a bean bag and made their stairs safe with a handrail. They were super excited and we were happy to gift them this space. a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who donated and shopped from our amazon wish list!

Photos by: Nicole Sanchez Photography

Sponsors: Sherwin Williams and Friends, Family and Clients!

basement transformation
basement transformation

Mission accomplished!

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