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This futurist consulting firm wanted to personalize and bring their brand into their basic tenant space.  They wanted the space to be flexible, have the ability to host events and have ample private space for working. They were against workstations since the nature of their work is outside of the office. The goal was to create "touch-down spaces" for employees to come in, take a call, meet a client or collaborate with the team.  We created an "innovation space" with glass walls that allow for division of space, white board space and flexible tables and seating. The benching system is a great solution for multiple people working side-by side. In this new working atmosphere, there are multiple seating opportunities to allow space.  For privacy, we sourced a phone booth for private conversations made of recycled plastic bottles as well as installed a white noise system. All the private group rooms have decorative window film to allow light to filter in but allow for privacy. The overall vibe of this office is fun and relaxed- we wanted their space to exude playful, cool, and innovative.  Around the space, there are games, "futuristic" paraphernalia, different types of seating from bean bags to bouncy chairs, standing tables,  private meeting rooms and lots of opportunities to kick up your feet and create your own workspace. The café has an air hockey table, glass white board, game display and an always stocked fridge. The personalized touches are reflected in the custom signage at the front entry, vinyl cut wall quotes in their private meeting rooms, the punches of their corporate red color, stylized light fixtures around the space and of course their quirky décor. 

Photos by Angela Newton Roy

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